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Pühapäev, oktoober 18
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Esmaspäev, oktoober 19

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Esmaspäev, oktoober 19

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Armchair Interview with President Kaljulaid

The Three Seas effort to accelerate the development of energy, transport, and digital infrastructure promises to increase the region’s economic growth, reinforce its economic resilience, and further the vision of an integrated, cohesive, and undivided Europe. This initiative has grown rapidly and Tallinn 2020 aims to be a summit of consolidation. How do we move forward? What are the key challenges facing the initiative in its fifth year? What does it seek to accomplish in the year ahead, and beyond?


Panel: Unleashing the Geopolitical and Business Opportunities of the Future

The Three Seas initiative presses on amidst a global environment of increasing geopolitical and economic volatility. What role does the initiative play in Europe’s economic growth and resilience, the effort to achieve the vision of a single European economic market, and geopolitical balancing? How can it leverage the world’s annual flow of one trillion dollars in foreign direct investment? How will it generate economic opportunity for the region, the European market, and global capital? What must the Three Seas define in order for it to succeed?

Smoothie Break


Panel of the Presidents

The countries of the Three Seas initiative constitute one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Nevertheless, their infrastructure initiative is an ambitious multilateral undertaking. What are the geopolitical and geo-economic imperatives that drive it? How does it portend to shape the role of the Three Seas region within Europe? How will its success strengthen the European Union and the transatlantic community as a whole?

General Networking Lunch and Private VIP Lunches


Roads & Rail Lines to Prosperity: The Future of Transport in the Three Seas Region

Modern transport infrastructure is key to cross-border commerce, including the efficient movement of goods and services, the establishment of regional and global value chains, and economic activity that serves our environmental objectives. Yet decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Three Seas region still struggles with under-developed transport routes. What priorities should define the Three Seas transport agenda so that modern and efficient transport infrastructure reduces regional economic inequity, stimulates growth, and maximizes the region’s ability to take advantage of transport technologies of the future?


The Future of Energy Connectivity in the Three Seas Region

Cross-border energy connectivity is a transformative force - one that can propel economic growth and strengthen national and regional economic resilience, which is crucial in this age of great power competition and economic volatility. The development of an integrated European energy market is both a European and a transatlantic priority. How can the energy markets of Central and Eastern European nations be integrated with one another, that of Western Europe, and the global energy markets? What energy policies and regulatory priorities should define the Three Seas initiative?


Shaping the Digital Future of the Three Seas Region

The digital space is an increasingly dynamic driver of economic growth and innovation. To adapt to the 21st century, the Three Seas must be the fastest player in the digital industry. Deploying digital solutions can give a competitive edge that differentiates the Three Seas region from the rest of the world, be it a smart grid or smart mobility, and from sea to space. How can we make the region a spearhead for smart corridors? How can we start deploying interoperability solutions for data and online services? How can the Three Seas utilize telecom- and digital technologies to accelerate the region’s strong economic growth and generate additional business opportunities?


Smoothie Break


The Three Seas as the Anchor of the CEE and Balkan Regions

The Three Seas will continue to play an important role for the security and stability of the wider Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and the Western Balkans. Economic development in the Three Seas region outperforms the EU average - could it rise even faster with better partnership models? What do neighboring countries expect from this initiative? What are the Three Seas’ economic ties to the region?

Presidents’ Roll Out Ceremony of Declaration


Summit & Business Forum joint Gala Dinner

Teisipäev, oktoober 20

Official Opening of the 2nd day of the Forum


Panel: The Three Seas Region: Primed for Smart Growth

The 12 nations of the Three Seas region are drivers of European growth. They enjoy a unique combination of EU membership and rising economic figures. The region encompasses 110 million people - nearly 25% of the EU population - and a GDP of 1.7 trillion dollars, which is projected to rise to 2.3 trillion by 2030 (World Bank, 2018). At the same time, a cross-border infrastructure shortfall that is estimated to exceed 500 billion euros stands as an obstacle. How can the power of infrastructure be harnessed to sustain or accelerate this growth? What makes Three Seas infrastructure an appealing opportunity for investment?

General Networking Lunch and Private VIP Lunches


Stream 1: What is the Smart Path of the Three Seas Energy Future?

Financing solutions, regulatory frameworks, and political initiatives are moving towards green energy solutions. Can the Three Seas afford to become a green energy region within the timeline the EU’s political leadership expects? Or should the region instead adopt a step-by-step policy to first become “greener”, and only then “green”?

Stream 2: How Will Smart Mobility Impact the Three Seas’ Transport Infrastructure?  

Are there any aspects to be taken into account when preparing the Three Seas’ infrastructure to host self-driving cars, trains, buses, and drones? How are changes in citizens’ mobility preferences transforming infrastructure requirements, both in cities and for national travel? Is the growing efficiency of online shopping and last-mile delivery a crucial part of logistics?

Stream 3: Smart Enablers - New Digital Connectivity for the Three Seas  

The Three Seas operates in the context of one of the world’s leading digital frameworks - the EU - where citizens’ digital rights, data integrity, security, and digital efficiency are fundamental principles. Estonia has uniquely implemented a digital agenda across various industries and sectors by creating a permissive legal environment. What could the Three Seas learn from the Estonian experience? What is the holistic approach to digital society? What would help Three Seas countries transform even faster and more efficiently?

Closing Drinks, Networking, and Peer-to-Peer Discussions


Business Forum Closing Dinner