Priority Projects

The List of Priority Interconnection Projects was one of the main outcomes of the third Three Seas Initiative Summit held in Bucharest in 2018. Back then it comprised 48 projects in energy, digital and transport infrastructure. As of June 2022 the total number of interconnection projects under the Three Seas Initiative has reached 91 grossing an estimated investment value of 168.4 billion euros. Number of priority projects increased by 89.6% since 2018 when the first List of Priority Interconnection Projects was presented.

Database of the Three Seas Interconnection Priority Projects can be found here.
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By implementing these projects, the participating countries aim to answer the needs and priorities of the member states and provide a substantial contribution to the overall objective of the Three Seas Initiative. 

These projects help to stimulate economic growth, develop north-south infrastructure corridor, level regional disparities within the EU and boost cohesion and unity in Europe. 

The update of priority projects is made annually and presented during the Three Seas Summits. 

In this Status Report you can find in total 91 different projects and their progress compared to last year.

Projects by countries

Bulgaria: (3)
1. Tunnel under Petrohan Pass 
2. Restoration of the design parameters of Ruse-Varna railway line
3. UGS Chiren Expansion

Czechia: (1)
1. Danube – Oder – Elbe Connection

Croatia: (16)
1) Construction of A5 Motorway
2) Regulation Works on the Danube River
3) Oil and Gas Terminal in Port of Ploce
4) Rehabilitation of rail section
5) Construction of the Second Track
6) Sava IW section between Jaruge – Novi Grad
7) LNG Terminal on the Island of KRK
8) Port of Rijeka infrastructure upgrading and development, development of multimodal platforms and interconnections – Adriatic Gate container terminal (POR2CORE-AGCT)
9) Project of Rijeka - Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal
10) Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Port Community System (POR2CORE-PCS)
11) Port of Rijeka infrastructure upgrading - General cargo terminal (POR2CORE-GCT)
12) Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure - Rijeka Basin (POR2CORE-Rijeka Basin)
13) Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure - Bakar bulk cargo terminal (POR2CORE-BCTB)
14) IAP
15) NP-BBI Programmme
16) Compressor Station 1 at the Croatian Gas Transmission System

Estonia: (4)
1. Rail Baltica
2. Via Baltica
3. Commissioning of the regional LNG terminal in Paldiski
4. Construction of the 500MW Estonian PHES

Hungary: (15)
1. Construction of a 2nd track between Sopron and Györ, Phase 0: Section Sopron – Harka, including capacity increase of Sopron node.
2. Construction of the Zalaszentiván (HU) triangle track
3. Reconstruction and capacity improvement of traction substations in Hungary
4. Upgrade the railway link between the inland Freeport of Budapest and the core network corridor (reconstructing the Gubacsi railway bridge and upgrading the railway connection leading to the port) – works.
5. Preparation of the electrification on Zalaszentiván – Nagykanizsa railway line (HU)
6. Construction of a new road bridge over the Tisza in the Záhony area
7. North-South Gas Corridor – Expansion of existing capacity between Hungary and Slovakia
8. ROHU – Second Phase
9. Launching a Hungarian-American pilot project in Hungary, studing the use of hydrogen
10. Extraction of unconventional gas
11. 500 MW CCGT Power Plant to replace the Marta Power Plant
12. Development of 130-260 MW PV solar power plant
13. Development of intelligent electricity networks
14. Development of High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, establishment and operation of HPC ecosystem in the CEE-n region
15. Adaption of GSM-R towers to 5G

Latvia: (8)
1. Rail Baltica
2. Development of a wind farm project
3. Introduction of smart outdoor lighting technologies
4. Development and implementation of mobility solutions
5. Construction of the Salaspils-Baltezers as part of the Via Baltica project
6. Construction of a coastal LNG terminal
7. Development of cross-border optical fibre network
8. Development of cross-border network of data centres

Lithuania: (9)
1. Gas Interconnector Republic of Poland-Republic of Lithuania (GIPL)
2. Integration and synchronisation of the Baltic States’ electricity system with the European networks
3. Viking train
4. Rail Baltica
5. Via Baltica
6. Purchase of the FSRU INDEPENDENCE (Klaipėda LNG terminal)
7. 5G Cross-Border Transport Corridors for connected and autmoated Mobility CAM in Baltics
8. Installation of electricity storage facilities (200 MW)
9. Development of serial production of M3 class electric buses

Poland: (10)
1. Gas Interconnector Republic of Poland-Republic of Lithuania (GIPL)
2. Via Carpatia
3. Diversification of gas supply sources and integration of gas infrastructure in the Three Seas Region with the implementation of the Baltic Pipe project and cross-border interconnections Republic of Poland-Slovak Republic and Republic of Poland-Ukraine
4. U-space, low altitude space as a new field of economy. Central European Drone Demonstrator (CEDD)
5. Baltic – Adriatic TEN – T Core Network Corridor
6. The 3 Seas Digital Highway
7. Rail Baltica
8. 3SI Marketplace
9. “Amber” Rail Freight Corridor
10. Danube – Oder – Elbe Connection

Romania: (7)
2. Transportation stock exchange in the 3SI region
3. Digital Platform on monitoring hydrographic bases in the 3SI region
4. Via Carpatia
5. FAIRway Danube
6. Rail-2-Sea "Modernization and development of railway line Gdansk(PL) – Constanța (RO)"
7. Interoperability solutions for a digitized and sustainable energy sector in the 3SI area in the field of energy storage

Slovakia: (3)
1. Eastring
2. Modernisation of railway line Devínska Nová Ves – State border SK/CZ
3. Motorway D3 Čadca, Bukov – Svrčinovec

Slovenia: (6)
1. HU-SI gas interconnector
2. Pilot Project 5G PPDR - Public Protection Disaster Relief
4. Construction of the 2nd railway track between Koper and Divača
5. Reconstruction of the Ljubljana railway junction (LRJ)
6. Adria Flood and Drought Risk Mitigation System

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