The Secretariat of the Three Seas was created in March 2020 to ensure the smooth organization of the next summit and business forum, and the general coordination of the Three Seas initiative. 

The technical secretariat will work from Tallinn until the end of the year. Then the member states of the initiative will make a new decision on what should be its tasks, further work processes and location.

The tasks of the secretariat are to:

  • coordinate the preparations and execution of the Three Seas summit and business forum
  • coordinate the work of the Three Seas
  • coordinate research and reports done for the Three Seas
  • exchange information with other inititatives
  • coordinate the communication channels and information exchange of the Three Seas

The Three Seas Secretariat comprises of:

Kati Laus
Chief Coordinator,

Uko Urb
Communication Manager,

Kristel Konsa
Business Forum Coordinator,

Kristel Jakobson
Progress Report Coordinator,