The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Business Forum is taking place on June 20-21, 2022, in Riga, Latvia. The Forum will combine in-person attendance at the Hanzas Perons venue in Riga with live streaming from the event at the 3SI webpage, 3SI Facebook page, and LIAA's Facebook page.  

Over two days, the Three Seas Business Forum will feature prominent speakers, thinkers, political figures, economists, and investors discussing contemporary geopolitics, technological and industrial developments, economic perspectives, and realities of the Three Seas region.

Check out these six panel discussions to open your mind to innovative ideas related to this up-and-coming region!

Investment Panel: The Three Seas Region – Primed for Future-Proof Investment

Monday, June 20th, 15:45-17:00 (GMT+3)

What to expect?

Transformation presents real moments of dynamic opportunity. The Three Seas region is transitioning away from its collective identity of the past into an era of collaborative, forward-thinking leadership.

Hear about this new global changemaker driving innovative breakthroughs while uncovering tips and insight from experienced investors as they talk about the impact of geopolitical and geo-economic events and what can – and should – be done to ensure total future-proof investments in this up-and-coming region. Additionally, you'll be able to find out about the latest developments in the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. Don't miss it!

Moderated by Lionel Barber.

Keynotes from Mathias Cormann and Valdis Dombrovskis.

Panelists: Scott A. Nathan, Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, Joe Philipsz, Yusuke Isek, André Küüsvek, Mārtiņš Kazāks, and Jean-Christophe Laloux.

Presidents’ Panel: The Three Seas Initiative–The Renewed Urgency and Opportunity of Connecting Europe

Monday, June 20th, 17:30-19:00 (GMT+3)

What to expect?

Stable and secure cross-border infrastructure is a key to establishing a truly unified European marketplace with secure borders and a robust economy – crucial at all times but especially due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which significantly impacts the geopolitical landscape of the Three Seas region and beyond.

Leaders and their strategic partners will discuss how the Initiative has contributed to creating this framework while reviewing the transatlantic community’s efforts to address the new global political landscape amidst economic unpredictability and new emergences of power and possibility.

Moderated by Lionel Barber.

Panelists: Egils Levits, Rumen Radev, Andrej Plenković, Miloš Vystrčil, Alar Karis, Valdis Dombrovskis, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Katalin Novak, Gitanas Nausėda, Andrzej Duda, Klaus Iohannis, Veronika Remišová, and Borut Pahor.

Energy Panel: Building a Balanced and Resilient Energy Sector in the Three Seas Region

Tuesday, June 21st, 09:15-10:30 (GMT+3)

What to expect?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, energy resources have become a top national security concern. A key objective of the Three Seas Initiative is the diversification of energy sources in Central and Eastern Europe. Seasoned energy experts will discuss a cross-sectoral approach to both conventional and sustainable energy, considering how the existing energy carriers and infrastructure can be integrated to ensure energy security today and support future energy transition on the road to carbon neutrality.

Learn more about this hot topic as energy experts in both new and existing forms of energy compare current systems while imagining new ones for a cooperative, unified European energy marketplace.

Moderated by Karlis Vasarais.

Keynote from Kadri Simson.

Panelists: Joshua Volz, Ian Brown, Gerald Koch, Uldis Bariss, Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, and Alastair Evans.

Transport & Logistics Panel: Multimodal Mobility & Logistics as a Cornerstone of Connectivity and Sustainable Development

Tuesday, June 21st, 10:45-12:00 (GMT+3)

What to expect?

The development of multimodal transport infrastructure is key to delivering connectivity that effectively catalyzes sustainable economic growth in the Three Seas region and beyond.

With the rise of automated vehicles, drones, and an increasing reliance on data-driven systems formations, how we get from a to b will be drastically different very soon. Listen as transport and logistics authorities discuss how to unlock simultaneous infrastructural synergies along the backbone transport corridors, how can emerging technological game-changers bridge the gap between transport hubs and regional accessibility, and more.

Moderated by Kaspars Briškens.

Panelists: Jan Klasen, Warwick Lowe, Mikołaj Wild, Stefano Maio, Viktoriia Betina, and Vilmantas Mažonas.

Digitalization Panel: Crucial Digital Transformations for Advancing Infrastructure Connectivity and Security in the Three Seas Region

Tuesday, June 21st, 12:30-13:45 (GMT+3)

What to expect?

Digitalization has proliferated at warp speed. European digital security and strengthening technological value chains are increasingly using new technologies to promote economic growth and safe and secure commercialization of digital innovations. How will this impact our daily life, and how will it help us create a better balanced, equitable future? 

In this panel, digital trailblazers will discuss the necessary elements to build a prosperous future for European society, including policy frameworks for digital infrastructure, data governance, interoperability, and skills for citizens of the digital age.

Moderated by Mark Boris Andrijanič.

Panelists: Karan Bhatia, Renāte Strazdiņa, John Tully, Üllar Jaaksoo, Linas Dičpetris, and Michal Kanownik.

Mission Approach Panel: Mission-Oriented Innovation – Shaping the Future of Economics and Businesses

Tuesday, June 21st, 14:00-15:15 (GMT+3)                            

What to expect?

The mission approach is a purpose-oriented, cross-sectoral strategy, a key component of any successful policy, project, or business. Panelists consider the new mission approach of the Three Seas region as a tool for solving local challenges, enabling new collaborative models for industries, governments, and communities, and thinking strategically yet innovatively.

Successful projects need clear goals and efficiency. The mission-approach maps out the most critical information to achieve milestones. In this panel, proficient planners will outline how the Three Seas region could benefit from using the mission approach to solve cross-border and cross-sector challenges, especially related to investment projects, enabling new collaborative models for industries, governments, and communities.

Moderated by Kaspars Rožkalns.

Panelists: Piret Tõnurist, Neville Reeve, Rainer Kattel, Joanna Franzén, and John Abel.

View the full agenda of the Three Seas Business Forum of 2022 here. To explore this year's speaker lineup, visit this page. See you soon!