Consolidating and strengthening the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Investment Fund is of significant importance to the achievement of palpable, pragmatic results and for the successful implementation of the joint projects within the regional cooperation initiative, stated the Head of State, Mr. Rumen Radev, during a videoconference call with representatives of the leadership of the Fund’s investment advisor Amber Infrastructure Group – an international fund of independent investment management experts.

Attracting investment from international financial institutions and private companies would support the strengthening of the 3SI Investment Fund, President Radev further added. Mr. Radev considers that this would help the countries still hesitating in the Initiative to join with a financial commitment. The Investment Fund’s role is important to finding working effective solutions in the realization of projects to increase connectivity in the region between the Black, Baltic and Adriatic Seas, the Bulgarian Head of State affirmed. President Radev emphasized that the 3SI perspective will broaden if efforts are made in the development of connectivity within the region in the field of science, education, technologies and innovation.

The Chief Economist of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), Mr. Iliya Lingorski also participated in the meeting. At the end of last year, the BDB joined the Initiative’s Investment Fund as a Class A Shareholder with a €20-million commitment.